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The Sarah Raven Foliage Collection

It's good to have lots of these three to fill a corner of your garden with. lovely, delicate yet tall foliage-flowers.

1g of seed

15 seedlings (510822-15)

30 seedlings (510822-30)

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Direct Sow/ Plant Out
Flowers/ Harvest


Cutting Garden
Broad Tolerance
June - September, 12 weeks from spring sowing.
1.2m (4ft)
Full Sun
25cm (10in)
Direct sow in April-May, scattering the seeds into a fine tilth, in a noughts and crosses grid. If you have bought these as seedlings plant them out about 30cm apart, at plug depth in the ground, in a sunny or lightly shady spot.


It's good to have lots of these three to fill a corner of your garden with lovely, delicate yet tall foliage flowers. You could pick them on their own to fill a vase or use them to add to any homemade mixed arrangements – perfect.

1g of seeds contains a mix of all three varieties below: The seedling collection contains 5 or 10 each of:

Care Tips

Keep picking all three regularly, above a pair of leaves, and more flowers should grow. Take care when picking euphorbia, wear gloves and avoid white sap which can burn the skin and irritate the eyes.