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Easy Summer Veg Collection

Five of my favourite vegetables to grow at home - easy, healthy and delicious.

5 packs of seed

For every 5 seed packets you buy, we'll send the cheapest one FREE

Offer applies to each multiple of 5 – buy 10 packets and get cheapest two free. Terms and conditions apply.


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Direct Sow/ Plant Out
Flowers/ Harvest


Kitchen Garden
Broad Tolerance
Moist but Well-drained
Full Sun


For anyone starting out veg growing or short of time, here are five of my favourite easy but delicious varieties that will give you crops for many months. Beetroot ‘Boltardy’ and Carrot ‘Nantes’ produce nice, sweet roots whatever the weather while climbing French Bean ‘Blue Lake’ is incredibly prolific. For healthy, leafy greens from summer to winter, colourful Chard ‘Bright Lights’ and deep, dark cavalo nero (kale) are hard to beat.

This collection includes 1 packet each of: