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episode 157 | show notes & advice

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A desirable feature in so many plants is their ability to bring beauty to the garden for as long as possible, and in this episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ we’re focusing on 12 of the very best.

From stunning showstoppers to rampant climbers with gorgeous scent, Sarah is joined this week by Head Gardener Josie Lewis to discuss the 12 best long-performing flowers.

In this episode, discover

  • Which shrubs and trees are perfect for making a huge impact with fantastic blossoms 
  • The perennial plants perfect for bold splashes of colour like Dahlia Molly Raven, or for a softer display like Erigeron Karvinskianus
  • What makes the truly unique Cobaea Scandens such a fantastic, exotic-looking addition to your garden throughout the year

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Episode 157 advice sheet

Amelanchier and Trachelospermum Jasminoides (1:35)

First on Sarah’s list is Amelanchier, a graceful tree with coppery leaves worth embracing as they come through in April, accompanied by an abundance of blossom.

Trachelospermum Jasminoides is Josie’s first pick, an absolute star of an evergreen climber with magnificent scent, which has been growing on the Oast for 20 years now.

Shrubs and perennials (4:45)

The next categories to earn a worthy mention are the shrubs and perennials - Hydrangea Limelight and Abelia have such poise and elegance about them, and the Hydrangea in particular is Sarah’s all-round favourite.

Two perennials worth mentioning are the Euphorbias and microphylla Salvias, especially the shocking pink ‘Cerro Pitosi’ which underplants roses wonderfully.

Cobaea Scandens (9:50)

One of Sarah and Arthur’s most mentioned and beloved plants on the podcast, Cobaea Scandens is a fantastic, exotic-looking plant whose silhouette is unmistakable in any garden - and it’s a must-have for those looking for a rampant climber.

A selection of fantastic perennials to finish (11:05)

Among the selections on the back end of this list are a great number of perennials, any of which would be a delight to see in the garden whether in a border, container, or as a cut flower.

Some standouts here are the luxurious Petunia Tidal Wave Red Velour with its regal beauty, and the Dahlia Molly Raven, whose Venetian marbled paper texture makes for a stunning centrepiece.

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