Episode 32 - Show Notes & Advice

episode 32 | show notes & advice

episode description

There are massive gains to be had if you’re willing to take a crack at autumn sowing. It’s a fantastic opportunity to grow some truly giant hardy annuals.

Whether you’re looking to get ahead, add some ornamental additions to the garden, or to encourage stronger roots to protect your edible plants, Sarah & Arthur explain how it’s done. 

in this episode, discover...

  • The best varieties of ornamental flowers and productive edible veg to sow early
  • Which hardy annuals to sow early for truly incredible growth
  • How to grow flowers with stronger roots and better disease resistance
  • The hardy nature shared by many plants with ‘snow’, ‘frost’ or ‘ice’ in the name
  • Sarah’s recipe for a pleasant, delicious chilli jam

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Episode 32