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Gardeners Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson have a unique and fruitful friendship created through their joint passions for growing beautiful floral arrangements and sowing food for cooking on the veg slope at Perch Hill.


So how did this all start? On this special bonus episode of grow, cook, eat, arrange we delve into their upbringings and backgrounds that inspired their love of colour, their original career paths (including Sarah’s brief time as a Medic in London) and the story behind how they first met and formed an instant friendship


in this episode, discover...

  • Why Perch Hill is a true “Wonderland” to Arthur
  • Where Sarah’s love for “bringing the outside in” came from
  • Their joint love of Cosmos
  • How Arthur’s family influenced his career into gardening
  • How they each found their passion for making the harvest the essence of their gardening

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