Podcast Beginners Kitchen Garden mini-series

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Welcome to grow, cook, eat, arrange, the weekly podcast from gardener, writer, teacher, and cook, Sarah Raven. 

Since the publication of her first book, The Cutting Garden, two decades ago, Sarah has led the way by introducing a new kind of productive gardening which places emphasis on intense colour, sophistication, and achievability. With special guests from across garden design, floristry, food, ecology, conservation, and more, this podcast is brimming with top tips and helpful hints to help you create your most productive garden ever.

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Mini-series-1-how to get started
Mini-series-2-terrific types and terminology
Mini-series-3-Sarahs must have herbs
Mini-series-4-Sarahs must have salads
Mini-series-5-Sarahs must have vegetables
Mini-series-6-Managing pests and diseases
Mini-series-7-The best veg for small spaces

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