[Inspiration] Inspiration Page – XM21 Winter Woodland

winter woodland


felt deer decorations

Made from felt, this doe and stag will perch very happily on your tree or table, or they may even arrive as stocking fillers for some lucky person

clip on partridge

Place these feather birds in amongst garlands and swags on the mantelpiece or nestled in the Christmas tree, to bring a sense of the natural world into the house. 

robin lit garland

Mini glass vases you can clip on to sturdy everlasting branches or natural displays. Once clipped on, they will stay upright so you can even fill them with water

traditional garland with lights

Realistic pinecones on acorns on a jute rope dotted with tiny lights

blue tit baubles

A set of 6 glass baubles beautifully and delicately painted with birds, and really lovely mixed in with our Clip on Bird decorations through your tree

lit Queensland fir tree

The perfect sized tree for a smaller space, and still an impressive and beautifully shaped Christmas tree, complete with its own set of warm white lights


advent tealight centrepiece

A wonderful way to count down the days until Christmas, blowing out a candle every few days, as we move ever closer to the big day

clip-on robin

Add this clip-on robin to your tree or use as a table decoration for a beautiful nature-inspired look

fur fabric hedgehog

Adorable and will look great hanging from one of the branches of your Christmas tree.


solar ammi majus stems

Daintier than our Solar Hogweed Stem but just as stunning and it is exclusive to us

bamboo shell wreath

A soft, warm gold wreath which looks stunning with lights added, to sparkle through and around the bamboo shell leaves

metal reindeer garland

For something fun, and to keep the reindeer in the house this Christmas, this metal garland will look good adorning the Christmas table, or perhaps even the tree