[Inspiration] Inspiration Page – XM21 Spectacular Lights

spectacular lights


solar hogweed

These huge illuminated stems are straight out of a fairly tale. Dramatic enough in a vase on their own or arranged with everlasting branches and flowers.

allium lit stakes

Add some sparkle to your garden with these three chunky black allium lights

solar ammi majus stems

Daintier than our Solar Hogweed Stem but just as stunning and it is exclusive to us

solar allium stake

Fine wire, solar powered allium on a stake. They'll come on automatically at dusk.


battery allium light

Go bling-tastic with our battery powered allium light. Hang one inside your porch or hallway, over your Christmas table or in a tree outside.

giant Hogweed Stem with Lights

These huge illuminated stems are straight out of a fairy tale. Place one or two in a pot by the front door or in a vase arrangement. 

kasbah lights

Our favourite lights, like little upside-down glass Turk's turbans. I use these not just at Christmas but for colourful dinners all year round.

lit honesty garland

Delicate and beautiful, the Lit Honesty Garland is an effortless and classy addition. 30 micro Warm White LEDs on a golden honesty garland.

micro LED lit globe

A stunning decoration with great presence. The glass ball (which comes in various sizes), contains copper wire and warm white LEDs, which together, give a lovely effect especially in low light or ideally candlelight.

mini maroq lights

Sparkly lights with a Moroccan feel. The glowing metal spheres are lovely at any time of year but especially good for your Christmas decorating ideas.

Lit Wooden Star

These beautifully lit wooden stars, available in two different sizes, can be placed anywhere - on the floor, on shelves up high, and are loved by adults as much as children. The cut shapes in the wood create light patterns on the walls and floor around them.