[Inspiration] Inspiration Page – AT21 Pastel Tulips

pastel tulips


apple blossom tulip collection

There are few nicer things than apple blossom in spring and this collection is just those colours; the soft pink of the blossom, and beautiful clear green of its leaves 

The Angelique and Finola Tulip Collection


This classic, feminine pink tulip has been a bestseller for many years. It’s a must in so many of our customers’ gardens


One of the truly grand tulips, smelling of rich sweet dessert wine, with an almost pure 17th century look to it, yet it’s brand new

Tulip 'Apricot Copex'

‘Copex Apricot’

Subtle, small, delicate, perfect in a vase


pink moon collection 

I love that song by Nick Drake called Pink Moon. We’re always playing it at home and occasionally a full moon rises just as he describes, and that’s what this collection is about – a silvery blushed beauty that gleams in the early springtime


rose bowl tulip collection

I picked and arranged these and realised immediately that they looked more like a bowl of June roses than tulips – fragrant, full, frilly and feminine

Copenhagen tulip collection

Cool, modern, Scandinavian elegance. Everything you might associate with the glamour of modern Denmark

‘Charming Lady’

The softest apricot-orange tulip, which is perfect for arranging and looks good in almost any colour range


Tulip 'Rejoice'


Feathered and veined with the finest and slightest of pink lines over its creamy bridal beauty.

Tulip 'White Mountain'

‘White Mountain’

A beautiful tulip which looks so like a peony. It’s a winner in the border but make sure you have a few to cut for the house

‘World Friendship’

A tall and classy primrose tulip, which flowers for 50% longer than most