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colourful Christmas


party dinner candle set

Our bestselling, good quality dinner candles have been put together by Sarah into carefully chosen colour sets.

Persian Carpet Dinner Candle Set
Honeycomb Paper Decorations
Magnetic Candleholder Tray

magnetic candle holder tray

A unique tablecentre or feature piece on a side table. This candle holder tray has a lovely distressed copper finish

kasbah fairy lights

I use these not just at Christmas but for colourful dinners all year round

glass chilli decoration

A Christmassy red chilli pepper to add some festive spice to your tree this year

rainbow mini baubles

A jolly jumble of tiny colourful baubles to use all round the house

festoon party lights

These simple coloured LED globes create a stunning effect when used around your garden and are perfect for lighting up your BBQ and decking area when entertaining

supreme party lights

With a larger and more bud-shaped bulb than most traditional fairy lights, these give off a colourful glow when draped over trees or anywhere indoors

green glass candlestick

These pretty glass candlesticks have a vintage feel we love

favourite jade vase

Beautiful and translucent vases

glass bee mini baubles

Bring the bee to your tree with this set of two glass baubles

mini vegetable decorations

Fun and colourful felt vegetable decorations for the tree

glass ladybird mini baubles

Beautiful ladybug-shaped glass baubles

red chillis lit garland

Add some festive fun to your mantelpiece with this vibrant red chilli garland

Cinnamon Spice Dinner Candle Set

cinnamon spice dinner candle set

Set of good quality dinner candles in pretty shades

Venetian dinner candle set

Our bestselling, good quality dinner candles have been curated by Sarah

Dipped Copper Candle

dipped copper candle

Add warmth and style to your festive table

Irish Socks

Irish socks

Made in Donegal from Irish wool, these wash well and are soft and comfortable

French Cotton Napkins

French cotton napkins

Very long-lasting napkins in Sarah's specially chosen colour combinations

Rustic Pillar Candles
Rustic Pillar Candles
Rustic Pillar Candles

rustic pillar candles

Our long-lasting hand-poured Rustic Pillar Candle is made from high quality wax, for a clean, non-drip and smokeless burn

Chinese Lantern Branch
Nero Vase
Eucalyptus Spray

Chinese lantern branch

Add this to an arrangement for a splash of zingy colour

deep velvet dogwood

For instant rich colour and texture, choose this

rosehip garland

I want two or three of these - they make anything look rich and luscious!

ink bottle

Use these for little posies or single stems. In a lovely range of jewel-like colours, choose your favourite colours or buy the whole set. 

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