Inspiration Page – AT23 Bulb Planting Kit

must-have bulb planting kit

Everything to help you on your way in planting your bulbs in pots or in the ground securely, and giving them the best possible chance to grow well and flourish


Sarah Raven Peat-Free Compost

We have been trialling peat-free composts for 7 years and this is the exclusive recipe we now use both at Perch Hill and at our Lincolnshire nursery – it is the best by far! Incredibly reliable, with consistent and brilliant results across our full range of bulbs, plants, and seeds – it has outperformed all other brands we’ve tested

Bulb Starter

Give bulbs a head start with this granular mycorrhizal fungi-based biological fertiliser. It also includes vermiculite for good drainage and seaweed to stimulate root development. Good for tulips, narcissi, alliums and even potatoes

Bulb Planting Trays

Our Bulb Planting Trays are a useful addition to your gardening kit; they're great for planting bulbs in beds and borders and layering bulbs in containers


Use this on all your borders and beds - it will enrich the soil, suppress weeds, help retain moisture AND deter slugs and snails!

Sarah Raven Etched Precision Bulb Planter

For planting your bulbs without breaking your back, use a long bulb planter. It is hand-forged with a rust-proof steel blade, for superb strength and reliability, and a fine ash handle – the best money can buy


Sarah Raven
Recycled 3L Dahlia Pots

I pot up all my dahlia tubers in 3 litre pots and these are just perfect


Bulb Planter

A simple, well made tool crafted from super-strong carbon steel with a solid ash handle. The best of its size


Sarah Raven Poachers Spade

This is an amazing tool for transplanting and planting trees and shrubs. Every garden shed should have one!


Pots for Successional Planting

In autumn, use these to plant your spring flowering bulbs. You can then easily slot them into beds and containers when your winter bedding looks tired

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