Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Add sparkle and glow all over your house with these brilliant lights
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    Leaves Light String

    We love these antique-effect metal leaves, with warm white LEDs along the length. We use them all year round. Choose from: Antique-effect Gold or Antique-effect Pewter. Illuminated H.1.8m (plus lead cable L.50cm) 22 Warm White LEDs Battery operated. Takes 4x AA batteries, not included. Suitable for…

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    Extra Long Battery Lights

    For indoors and out, there's a length suitable for everything. These sets of warm-white bulbs are perfect for stringing around a tree, the front door, a large wreath or your indoor Christmas tree. Warm white LEDs Includes a 6 hour timer function (on for 6 hours, off for 18 hours). Choose from: 50,…

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    Wire Light String

    I am MAD for these super-light, fine-strand light strings that you can use anywhere, and on our Christmas photo shoot, I wanted to thread them through everything! The wire is almost invisible and is dotted with tiny, yet bright, LEDs. Wind them round everlasting branches, in flower arrangements, or…

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    Waterproof Light Chain

    For extra glow, add low-energy, super-bright bulbs to your vase. 15 Warm-white LEDs Illuminated L.1.4m

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    Silver Maroq Lights

    Sparkly fairy lights with a Moroccan feel, use them year round to add sparkle to mirrors, picture frames or mantelpieces. Choose from: Mains Operated: 28 lights on a light chain, L. 5.8m, of which 2.8m illuminated Battery Operated: 20 lights on a light chain, L. 2.9m, of which 1.9m illuminated.…

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    Orientale Lights

    These have got to be my must-haves this year – I love the way the silvery leaves intertwine with the Moroccan style mini lanterns. Choose from: Dual Powered (includes battery pack and mains transformer) or Battery Only. Dual Powered, 30 LEDs. L.5.3m (2.3m is illuminated) Battery only,…

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    Battery Tealights

    Some fake candles give off a cold, artificial light, but not these – they look really warm, with a gentle glow just like a real candle. There's no anxiety of a naked flame and they can't be blown out by the wind – hugely recommended. Real wax finish Each tealight takes one disc battery,…

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    Super-fine Wire Allium Light

    Hang or place this delicate wire allium anywhere for abundant fairy twinkle – it's ideal as the ultimate tree-topper. Choose from: Copper or Silver finish, in Small (Dia. 30cm) or Large (Dia. 50cm). Small Allium has 120 warm white LEDs, battery powered, takes 4x AA batteries (not included),…

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    Ceramic Battery Tealights

    Battery lights with an artificial flame which gives off a bright but realistic gentle flickering light. Set of 6 Each tealight takes 1x CR2032 battery (included) H.4.5cm (including flame), Dia.3.5cm This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with tissue paper and a Sarah Raven gift card.…

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    Light Bulb String

    A string of traditional-shaped light bulbs with a warm white glow. Choose from: Clear or Gold L.1m (plus lead cable L.50cm). 5 plastic light bulbs Battery operated. Takes 3x AA batteries, not included. Includes timer function Indoor use only This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with…

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    Star Wire Lights

    Like a horse's tail, this has 13 virtually invisible strands of varying lengths, dotted with petite clear stars, each lit with a warm white LED. Strand L.45-100cm 125 Warm White LEDs Mains operated. Lead cable L.3m Suitable for use indoors and out. This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift…

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    Use Everywhere Lights

    The most useful and versatile light strings of any we've trialled, with four times as many lights per metre than an ordinary set – there's just 2.5cm of flex between each light. These are brilliant for your Christmas tree, but can literally be used all over the house: up the bannister, round…

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    Wax Battery Candle Globe

    Beautiful, glowing LED spheres to decorate your house and garden at Christmas or anytime of year. Choose from: Small or Large Small – H. 13.5cm, Dia.11.5cm Large – H. 18cm, Dia.15cm Battery operated. Takes 2x AA batteries, not incl. Includes timer function Suitable for use indoors and…

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    Wax Tealight Holder Globes

    In the summer, I have as many as possible of these wax candle-holder globes lit round the garden when we eat outside, and they're perfect to light up the tables at winter parties too. They immediately create an incredible warm atmosphere and make the place feel fantastic – particularly…