GroChar Seed Compost

GroChar Seed Compost combines organic coir with a peat free, unique biochar complex. More
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GroChar Seed Compost combines organic coir with a peat free, unique biochar complex. It has a fine texture that is perfect for propagation and is ideal for getting your seeds off to a flying start.

We trialled it at Perch Hill and it's now our compost of choice so we don't have to continue to use peat. It produced good germination and potting on results.

  • 8 litre bag
  • Remember to sow seed sparingly to make it easier to prick out later.
  • Gently water the top of the compost with a spray bottle or watering can fitted with a fine rose. Doing this first avoids disturbing the seed once you have sown them.
  • Less watering required; The compost retains moisture so you can water less
  • Cover the seed lightly with compost, as a rough rule of thumb seeds should be planted 1½ times deep as they are in size; (the larger the seed the deeper it needs to be planted).
  • Soil Association approved
  • Also as a helpful hint remember to write the seed variety and date sown on a plant tag and stick it in the side of the tray or pot, so you don't lose track of what you have sown.
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GroChar Seed Compost reviews

* * * * * Average based on 8 reviews

* * * * *

Reviewed 9th March 2021 by Linda

Used this already, like the texture, time will tell.

* * * * *

Reviewed 2nd March 2021 by Penelope

Great, organic and peat free, arriving in perfect time for early sowings. The seeds have germinated well and look healthy.

* * * * *

Reviewed 2nd March 2021 by Philip

Service very good - compost very good, have tried last year.

* * * * *

Reviewed 12th February 2021 by Susan

More expensive than some seed compost tried for the first time last year and had great results

* * * * *

Reviewed 9th February 2021 by Christina

This seems very good and arrived within a few days.

* * * * *

Reviewed 9th October 2019 by Susan

* * * * -

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Diana

Liked the idea of this product but the volume is pretty small. Would prefer to buy in larger quantities. Seemed to give good germination conditions but not significantly better than other seed composts

* * - - -

Reviewed 3rd June 2019 by Natalie

Didn’t notice any difference between seedlings planted in this and normal seedling compost that was 1/3 the price.