Sowing & Growing Kit

Sowing and Growing Kit

Make sowing seeds and growing plants and bulbs an enjoyable and productive task with this range of essential kit.
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    Coloured Markers

    Excellent value, these wooden markers create a jamboree of colour. L.15cm, W.1.8cm This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with tissue paper and a Sarah Raven gift card. You will be able to add this to your basket once you begin the checkout process

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    I use rootrainers for sweet peas, maincrop beans and peas and for taking all my cuttings. The legumes thrive with a long thin root run and the cutting's roots bulk up more quickly giving you stronger plants. The original and low maintenance sets are brilliant all-rounders, especially good for sweet…

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    Bulb Planting Trays

    Plant bulbs in these, then plant the whole tray into a pot or the ground. The bulbs will root freely through the tray. After flowering just lift the whole thing out again. Set of 3

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    Coir Jiffy Pellet Tray Sets

    Reusable trays filled with coir pellets. Soak the pellets and, sow your seeds and, once germinated, remove the netting and plant out. Choose from: Small (Dia.30mm), or Large (Dia.50mm). Full instructions are included with every set Made from peat-free coir (coir is made from the natural fibre from…

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    Coir Jiffy Refills

    Simply soak the pellets, sow the seeds and once they germinate slip off the outer net and plant out – no need for pricking out. Buy the pellets on their own to refill your trays. Made from peat-free coir (coir is made from the natural fibre from the husk of the coconut) Each pellet measures…

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    Jiffy Gro-Blocks

    Soak these in water then sow your seeds. Once germinated, remove the netting and plant out. Use the small ones for tomatoes, the large for courgettes and squash. Choose from: Small set of 12 blocks (50mm) Large set of 12 blocks (80mm) Set of 24 blocks (12 of each size)

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    3 Litre Dahlia Pots

    I pot up all my dahlia tubers in 3 litre pots and these are just perfect. Every dahlia comes with full instructions of exactly what to do. Choose from: Set of 6 or Set of 12 3L capacity H.15

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    Sweet Pea Pots

    The best long, thin, deep pots ideal for growing on sweet peas through the winter before planting them out in early spring. The maximum number of plants per pot we'd recommend is 4 but growing just 2 per pot will result in stronger, healthier plants. Capacity 1 litre H.13.5cm, Dia.11.7cm

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    Windowsill Propagator Kit

    Placed on a bright windowsill, your seedlings will get a strong start with this. As well as slim base tray and three lidded, vented propagators, the kit also includes capillary matting, so you’ll need to water less. Three propagators and lids, plus capillary matting and a shallow base tray…

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    GroChar Soil Improver

    Use as a one-off soil treatment or add GroChar Soil Improver to compost for growing stuff in the greenhouse for quicker plant establishment, stronger root development and better natural plant vigour. Reduce the amount of watering, and reduce the need to fertiliser. Can be used any time of the year.…

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    GroChar Seed Compost

    GroChar Seed Compost combines organic coir with a peat free, unique biochar complex. It has a fine texture that is perfect for propagation and is ideal for getting your seeds off to a flying start. We trialled it at Perch Hill and it's now our compost of choice so we don't have to continue to use…

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    Use this on all your borders and beds – it will enrich the soil, suppress weeds, help retain moisture AND deter slugs and snails! This mineralised straw mulch lasts for up to two years, making it an excellent value garden additive, made from all natural ingredients. 100L bag Please note: If…

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    Blackboard Labels and Pencil

    Black markers are my favourites in the cutting and veg garden. They show up clearly, but unlike white plant labels don't shout out too loud. 10 or 20 black plant labels with a white oil-based marker pencil - can be removed with white spirit for re-use. L.25cm, W.2.3cm This can be gift wrapped in…

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    Zinc Plant Markers and Pen

    A set of six stylish and practical zinc plant markers which are reusable. They come with a waterproof marker. Length 19cm 6 in a pack Made from galvanised steel with a zinc coating These markers may rust over time

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    Rainbow Plant Labels

    Use a bundle of these colourful plant labels to sort and label your plants and seedlings by colour. If you like rainbows of colour like I do, you'll love playing with these! Use with a permanent marker or a soft pencil and cheap hair spray. Length: Approx 11cm Set of 50 The pack contains 10 each…

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    Soft Plant Ties

    Tie in your sweet peas, beans and peas with these pipe-cleaner ties. They won’t damage delicate stems. 25 Ties L. 12cm

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    Bean and Pea Netting

    Netting is vital in my garden. I use it for my climbing veg plants, from runner beans to broad beans and it's great for sweet peas too. Stretch this net horizontally over your plants between bamboo canes. The new shoots are encouraged to grow up and through the grid and are lightly supported. L.4m…

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    Glass Bell Cloches

    Traditional, hand-blown glass cloches, inspired by Victorian kitchen gardens. Use these lovely things to protect individual plants from frosts and pests. Choose from: Small Cloche – H.20cm Dia. 20cm Medium Cloche – H.25cm Dia. 25cm Large Cloche – H.30cm Dia.30cm Set of 3 (one of…

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    Long Cloches

    A brilliant way to protect delicate plants and seedlings from frost and pests. Made to a very high standard from aluminium and 4mm toughened safety glass. The side, end and top glass can all be removed for access to the plants and to clean the glass. Ventilation slots at the top of each side allow…

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    Salad Cloches

    A brilliant way to grow herbs and salads all year round, if you don’t have a greenhouse. The salad cloche comes with its own raised timber bed, so is ideal for placing by the back door or on the terrace. Gentle convection ventilation is provided by the slight gap between the side panels and the…

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    Sarah Raven Seed Tins

    Our bestselling Sarah Raven seed tins are perfect for storing your packets of seeds throughout the year. Or you can line with tissue paper and create your own special seed collection to give as a bespoke gift. They come in 2 different sizes: Medium: 18 x 16cm (depth 8cm) Small: 14 cm long x 10 cm…

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    Peat Free Compost

    Sylvagrow is a sustainable, 100% peat-free compost which comes in a manageable 15L bag. It’s a blend of fine bark, wood fibre (bi-products of sustainably managed British forests and coir (from a single, known source) which contains balanced nutrients – perfect for seeds or young seedlings.…