Plant Supports, Structures & Edging

Plant Supports, Structures & Edging

These are strong, elegant plant supports a great addition to any garden.
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    Circular Herbaceous Plant Support

    Good for hellebores and nepetas – or any smallish plant that has a tendency to flop. Choose from: Small, Medium or Large Small – H.40cm, D.40cm

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    Circular Supports

    This sturdy steel support props up plants on all sides and is very good for dahlias. The top is not quite a full circle; there’s a gap for you to slide it round already-grown plants. The steel is left uncoated, and will quickly develop a lovely rusted finish, so it looks naturally aged. H.1m,…

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    Herbaceous Supports

    Excellent, very strong rusted steel supports. Use the smallest to prop taller, more delicate stems, e.g cosmos, and the medium and large for established, chunky plants, e.g dahlias, roses and delphiniums. The steel is left uncoated, and will quickly develop a lovely rusted finish, so it looks…

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    Peony Plant Support

    These two-ring supports are designed for peonies but work brilliantly for agapanthus, alstroes, tall salvias and campanulas too. Choose from Medium or Large Medium – H.60cm. Top ring D.50cm, Bottom ring D.40cm Large – H

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    Semi-circular Plant Support

    Use the shorter one for cosmos or cornflowers, and the taller for dahlias or roses. Or use two together to form a full circle. Choose from: Medium set of 2 - H.51cm, W.38cm

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    Bean and Pea Netting

    Netting is vital in my garden. I use it for my climbing veg plants, from runner beans to broad beans and it's great for sweet peas too. Stretch this net horizontally over your plants between bamboo canes. The new shoots are encouraged to grow up and through the grid and are lightly supported. L.4m…

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    Edging Hoops

    Excellent for edging borders or lawns or for keeping plants upright and off the path. They work best when overlapped as shown, following the curve of your borders. The steel is left uncoated, and will quickly develop a lovely rusted finish, so it looks naturally aged. Each hoop H.35cm x W.40cm…

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    Plant Cone

    Use this in a pot of sweet peas or in a border for delphiniums, dahlias or lilies. Dia.35cm, H.76cm Made from plastic coated steel for longer life

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    Simple, ball-topped stakes for plants requiring just a bit of support. Use them to add structure or punctuation in the border. The steel is left uncoated, and will quickly develop a lovely rusted finish, so it looks naturally aged. Choose from: Medium (H.1.2m) or Large (H.1.5m) Set of 4

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    Iron Obelisks

    Excellent quality, sturdy frames on which to train your sweet peas or clematis. Made in Britain, the steel is left uncoated so that it develops a natural oxide, quickly achieving a natural, rust finish. 1.5m obelisk – H. 1.5m, Dia. 52cm at base Pl

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    Plant Support Pins

    Simple and effective stakes for plants requiring a bit of support. They add structure to a border too. Our plant pins are made in the UK from solid steel which will quickly take on a rusted patina once placed in the garden. Choose from: Poppy or Ball. L.1.2m Sets of 3

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    Plant Support Rings

    Simple but effective, for taller plants like lilies, gladioli and delphiniums. Dia.23cm, H.86cm Made from plastic coated steel for longer life

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    Bamboo Canes

    A bundle of 20 bamboo canes to support plants in the border or in pots. Set of 20. H.90cm. Diameters will vary as this is a natural product.

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    Castle Plant Support

    A set of uncoated steel plant supports in graduated sizes that will quickly rust, to look like they've been part of your garden for decades. Set of 3, one size of each of the below (Medium and Large are shown in image): Small - H.125cm, Dia.27cm Medium - H.155cm, Dia.36cm Large - H.185cm, Dia.42cm…

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    Dahlia Circle Support

    A single stake with circular divided ring on top. This is an excellent support for dahlias. Made from uncoated steel, this will quickly take on a rusted finish. H.81cm, Dia. 41cm Please note that delivery is not available to the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland at this time. For more…

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    Decorative Amaryllis Support

    A simple and effective way to keep your amaryllis supported as it grows. Stake it into your pot once the shoot appears and guide it through one of the two hoops. Made from powder-coated steel, so it won't rust H.60cm

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    Hampton Obelisk

    Sturdy steel obelisks, with a small footprint, which makes them ideal for climbers planted in containers. Made in the UK from powder-coated steel so they won't rust, with a chunky ball finial on top. Choose from: Single Obelisk or Set of 2. Small – H.1.2m, base Dia.31cm Medium – H.1.5m,…

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    Jute Netting

    This is so much nicer to use than green plastic types of netting and is just as effective. Use this to support beans, peas and sweet peas, and stretched horizontally to support almost all your cut flowers. H.1.8m, W.1.8m This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with tissue paper and a…

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    Pea and Bean Maypole

    We trialled and loved our bean maypole in the veg garden this summer, dripping with the jewel like pods of borlotti beans. Quick and easy to assemble, it's robust and easy to store away from one year to the next. Simple and effective frame comprising of a coated steel central support and 8 nylon…

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    Step-over Plant Support

    Grow beans or peas up against one of these, or between two, to keep the plants upright and make the crop much easier to pick. Or place four of them around an asparagus bed or to hold back flopping raspberry canes. Made in England from 12mm solid steel, with a rusted finish that will deepen over…

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    Willow Flower Stakes

    Use these to support individual plants, or use them with netting to create a grid support system, ideal for growing dahlias, chrysanths and taller cut flower varietes. Made from natural willow. Set of 20 stakes. H.90cm