All our amaryllis are huge bumper-sized
bulbs which will give you several
flower spikes and will flower for over a month.
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  1. Amaryllis 'Carmen'

    Starting at £3.58

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    Amaryllis 'Exotic Star'
    Amaryllis 'Exotic Star'

    Starting at £5.97

  3. Amaryllis 'Mont Blanc'

    Starting at £4.38

  4. Currently unavailable
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    Amaryllis 'Pink Rascal'
    Amaryllis 'Pink Rascal'

    Starting at £2.75

  5. Amaryllis 'Royal Velvet'

    Starting at £5.47

    Available as bulbs, gift set

  6. Amaryllis 'Santiago'

    Starting at £6.47

  7. Amaryllis 'Green Magic'

    Starting at £5.75

  8. Currently unavailable
    Amaryllis 'Emerald' Amaryllis 'Emerald'
    Amaryllis 'Emerald'

    Starting at £13.95

  9. Amaryllis 'Hercules'

    Starting at £11.50

  10. Amaryllis 'Lemon Star'

    Starting at £12.95

    Available as bulbs, gift set

  11. Christmas Amaryllis Collection


Amaryllis Bulbs at Sarah Raven

These more unusual amaryllis are easy to grow and look magnificent for ages. Amaryllis are tender bulbs from Brazil and so need to be grown inside - frost free - when it's cold, but once the frosts are over they can be moved outside until the end of summer.

Full planting and care instructions are sent out with every bulb.