Latest Despatch Information

Despatching - latest information (updated on 9th April)

Due to unprecedented demand, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend orders for gardening kit for a short period of time until we have caught up on our existing orders. We will let you know as soon as we are back up to date and ready to take gardening kit orders again.

We are continuing to despatch plants, bulbs and seeds, but these are subject to delays.

At the current time, here is the best information we can provide about despatch times:

Bulb Orders

Bulb orders are being despatched up to 5 days after placing your order.

Plant Orders

Plants showing in stock at time of purchase will be delivered to you within 4 weeks of that purchase

Plants showing a future date at time of purchase will be delivered with 3-4 weeks of that date.

We will contact you separately if there are any specific plants with more significant delays.

Seed and Hardware Orders

Orders placed before 24th March will be despatched by 14th April.

Seed orders placed on 25th March or later will be despatched between 20th to 25th April.

New seed orders being placed from 9th April or later, please allow 3 weeks for despatch.

Customer services - latest information

Emails and phone:

  • Phones - Due to unprecedented levels of calls and staff shortages, we regret that we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend our phone lines.
  • Emails - We will continue to reply to emails but it is likely to take us several days to respond, we would be grateful if you could only email us if absolutely essential.

We hope to be able to reopen the lines very soon.

Please see below for our most frequently asked questions:

Are you still open and accepting orders?

We are continuing to accept plant,bulb and seed orders via our website and order line, but have temporarily suspended orders for hardware items, to allow us to catch up on processing existing orders.

Will I still receive my hardware now that you are no longer accepting new orders for them?

We are continuing to despatch existing orders, but there is a large backlog and all orders are subject to delays. See above for the latest information.

Will you be able to despatch my plants/seedlings at the times advised when I ordered?

We continue to despatch plants and seedlings as soon as they are ready, but due to unprecedented levels of demand, it will take longer than normal to process orders.

Can I change, add to or cancel my order?

We are sorry, but due to the huge volume of orders that are currently in the system and exceptionally busy phone lines, we are unable to make any changes to existing orders. If you have ordered items that you no longer need then please return them to us once received.