Food & Cooking

Food & Cooking

Come and learn how to cook and prepare seasonal produce with Sarah at Perch Hill.
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    Anna Jones

    We are so excited to be welcoming Anna Jones to Perch Hill for the first time. Anna is a cook, writer, stylist and the new voice of vegetarian cooking. Anna will demo some of her delicious recipes from her new book 'The Modern Cook's Year', and also interweave her stylish flower ideas to complement…

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    Honey & Co: At Home

    Sarit and Itamar have a new book out – Honey & Co: At Home - Middle Eastern recipes from our kitchen – and we are welcoming them back here in the first weekend of November to celebrate. They will demonstrate a range of recipes, building up to a great Saturday lunch feast in the early…

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    Joe Trivelli, Head Chef at River Café

    The River Cafe was opened by Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray in 1987 and is inspired and influenced by their experience of living and cooking in Italy. The importance of seasonality, robust flavours and the connection between a region’s food and its wine remain at the heart of the restaurant today. An…

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    Mark Diacono, The New Kitchen Garden

    At this day at Perch Hill, Mark will introduce you to a whole range of delicious and beautiful plants – herbs, spices, fruit, nuts, edible flowers and vegetables, – that work as well in an ornamental garden as an edible one. We’ll get to know unfamiliar and forgotten plants, as well…