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    A Year Full of Flowers: Gardening for all seasons with Sarah Raven at Oxleaze Barn, Gloucestershire

    Colour and scent are the hallmarks of Sarah's style - and they are simple luxuries that everyone can bring into their garden. On this day course, she will give you inspiration, planting ideas and expert advice for a beautiful garden all-year round. Sarah will show you her favourites of the…

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    A Year Full of Greens: Growing Year Round Edible Flowers, Salads, Herbs and Vegetables with Sarah Raven at Oxleaze Barn, Gloucestershire

    The veg areas of Sarah's veg garden at Perch Hill are all about super-production, not just for the summer months, but throughout the winter too. What are the plants you can grow through the cold, grey months of the year and which need more light and heat for late spring and summer harvests? We…

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    The Cutting Garden, 25 years on with Sarah Raven at Oxleaze Barn, Gloucestershire

    I love being able to pick armfuls of flowers for a good nine months of the year and in this day course we will teach you how, giving you hard facts on how to succeed with growing the very best and most productive plants. Through the day we will also give you practical advice on seed sowing and…

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    The Flower Yard: Growing Flamboyant Flowers in Containers with Arthur Parkinson at Oxleaze Barn, Gloucestershire

    This is the course for those who want to have a beautiful and abundant garden - with plenty to pick to bring inside - but you only have a very small space. Arthur has managed to achieve exactly this, an urban jungle measuring just 16ft long, crammed with pots of intense saturated colour and plants…