Winter treasure

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It’s not shaping up to be the winter I was hoping for. In these parts (the Lancashire Pennines, to be exact) we’ve had seemingly constant rain since November. Very little frost, a scattering of snow which lasted two days, then back to the mild temperatures and often torrential rainfall. It’s resulted in lots of local flooding and the ground being incredibly saturated and muddy.

The gloom and greyness of it all can take quite a toll on your mood. We’ve been making the best of it, dressing for the weather and trying to get outdoors for some fresh air whenever we can. And although we’ve thus far missed out on crisp, clear days there are still treasures to be found if you venture out and take a look.


A potter around the local allotments, which are actually situated in a woodland clearing, rewarded us with sculptural artichokes and unharvested apples gleaming from the otherwise colourless plots. And a walk down a nearby lane revealed some huge toadstools, suddenly visible now the grasses and stems of summer have all but died back.

Bare branches sometimes yield bright berries or small, brave blooms. Look downwards and you’ll see green shoots appearing. Whilst the leaves are gone and the earth is bare, it’s the perfect time to get out and discover things you may not normally spot.

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