Venetian tulip collection | why Sarah loves this

Watch as Sarah shares why she adores the exclusive and bestselling Venetian tulip collection

This is our Venetian tulip collection, which is an absolute Sarah Raven classic. We have been selling it now for 15, or even longer, years and I totally adore it and I adore it for various reasons. It’s a beautiful mix of colours. The lovely richness of ‘Havran’, which is slightly taller than the other two and then the brightness of ‘Coleur Cardinal’ that amazing scarlet. And the beautiful, subtle orange, with the sunset colours on the outer petals of ‘Prinses Irene’. They are actually all early tulips but very long-flowering and the thing they have in common is this beautiful, sort of Verdigris, coppery colouring of their leaves. Which I think forms the most perfect sea of silvery green below the flowers. They’re fantastic in a pot, they’re fantastic in the border and they’re very perennial. They are just completely brilliant as a mix.