tips to keep your indoor bulbs straight

Amaryllis bulbs growing in pots

For strong and healthy indoor bulbs, like hyacinths, paperwhites and amaryllis, you could try the following to encourage them to grow straight, tall and strong:

  • Try planting in gravel or slate shales rather than soil. The weight of the stones will help to stabilise the bulb. You'll also find that, after flowering, the bulbs are much easier to dry off and store for next year. You could also add moss to the top of the pot to help keep in moisture, as well as create a more natural appearance.
  • Remember to turn your pots often, as the plant will always grow towards the light.
  • Try feeding your bulbs with cold tea. You can also use tomato feeder to get them going quicker, and force them by placing a black plastic bag over the top.

Remember that some bulbs, e.g. narcissi, do look great if they're allowed to flop to a certain extent!

These brilliant tips were given to us by Helena Barrowcliff

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