Time to sow sweet peas

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As I write this, it is throwing it down with rain, the lawn looks vaguely swamp like, and everything seems rather dreary. But despite the grey, I'm thinking of hazy, summer colour. In my hand is a little packet of seeds. Sweet pea seeds.

Sweet peas

I adore sweet peas – their wonderfully perfumed fragrance, the delicate petals, the huge range of colours, and the whirling tendrils that cling to canes, twigs, or whatever else they can grasp.  Perfect for a posy by the bed or on the mantel. Alissa at Sarah Raven very kindly sent me a pack of sweet pea seeds for my garden, so this week, I've given the seeds an overnight soak to give them a bit of a head start.  I've finally been able to make use of the bag of toilet rolls I've been collecting over the past few weeks, much to my husband’s confusion. The cardboard tubes are perfect for sweet pea seeds, as they don’t like to have their roots disturbed after planting and will do best with a long, thin root.

Wiltshire Ripple sweet pea

My absolute favourite sweet peas have to be the Wiltshire Ripple sweet pea - a wonderfully marbled raspberry and white flower. They smell beautiful, and as with all sweet peas, flower prolifically if you keep picking them. It’s not too late to get sweet peas planted - read Sarah’s guide to growing them here. I have also picked up sweet pea seedlings at car boot sales for pennies so all is not lost if you leave it too late.

Are you a sweet pea fan? Which are your favourite varieties?

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