The Picking Garden

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I've always loved the idea of a picking garden, an area devoted to flowers grown to be harvested without fear of depleting the main garden's blooms. When we set about creating our veg patch we did so with a picking garden in mind but as we started planting the plan changed and we devoted that area to herbs instead. Plans change quite often in our garden, as we learn a little more about plants, which ones are happy where, where the sun shines all day long and where the rains drain quickly away.

Instead of having that devoted picking garden of my dreams, we are back to harvesting our blooms from the main garden, carefully picking a little from here and a little from there, so as not to wipe out a display in one swift swoop of the scissors. It means our arrangements tend to be more of a mix, a little of everything rather than one mass of the same.Carefully harvesting one from here and one from there, a flower that was hidden behind another plant becomes the perfect choice to pick. I enjoy the hunt, the search for treasure, looking for brightly coloured jewels and amassing enough to fill a vase, sometimes big and sometimes small. 

Of course at times there is plenty of one thing and you can fill a vase of the same without taking too much, our garden has a little more than it's fair share of Alkanet, a weed to some, invasive to most but those tiny flowers the most brilliant of blues that I adore. We try to contain it somewhat and in doing so fill a vase or two.

When it comes to making an arrangement you can never have enough choice of vase, I tend to pick the flowers, then take a couple of vases from the cupboard trying the flowers for size until I have a little display that I'm happy with. If you're picking a little posy for a gift there is nothing nicer that wrapping them in waxed tissue which is available from Sarah Raven. 

Happy picking! Thanks for reading.

Today's post comes from Polly from Nice Kind of Blue - thank you for such a gorgeous and inspiring post.