The most terrific of tulips

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This year was the perfect spring for tulips. The bulbs of 2015 exceeded expectations, with the varieties put together last autumn resulting in my ultimate all time favourite assortment of tulips blooming this spring.

Tulip collection

I planted each of our dolly tubs with ‘Abu Hassan’, ‘Black Parrot’, ‘Apricot Parrot’, ‘Orange Favourite’, ‘Flaming Parrot’, ‘Black Hero’, ‘Queen of Night’ and ‘Havran’. Together, these gave a rich, stained glass, William Morris colour pallet, which is exactly what I'm after in any plant that I grow.

In our little borders, ‘Rococo’ (a Parrot type) was beautiful, starting like a man-eating freakish bloom and turning into lavish open petals, which appeared as if indeed they were the feathers of a macaw parrot.

The lack of rain was such a blessing for the tulips. They stood tall, their petals unblemished by raindrops and their stems unsnapped by the lack of damaging wind. I picked lots of tulips this spring, thanks to really cramming the bulbs in last autumn – it really does pay off! Due to replacing the compost in our containers each year, we have not had any issues with tulip fire despite planting them closely together.

Dark Tulips

Buy May the Asiatic and Oriental lilies were beginning to pose, readily waiting to take the garden into another dramatic stage of summer. These must be staked to prevent fatal snapping of the stems as they do get very top heavy! Before the lilies, we had alliums, aquilegia and plume thistles filling in the May gap.

Arthur and parrot tulips

Happy and fabulous gardening!

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