Spring profusion

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I visited home in Nottingham after a months absence last weekend to find it overflowing with lush leaves and opening buds – a true, emerging living eden.

Upon leaving in March many fat beaks of bulbs were cautiously poking out from the cold soil. Since then spring has taken hold of our little town garden and the soil can no longer be seen. The hyacinths have done very well this year due to the dry weather. If we have a typically wet April, as we really should have, their large, heavy feather-duster-like blooms often droop onto the floor drunkenly helpless and then soon become slimly. Not this year however! All are upright, plump and pumping out their perfume with great gusto.

A few hyacinths picked for our little cottage and put into wine glasses made the whole house brim with their delicious scent.

The tulips were not far being the hyacinths – the first stained glass-coloured blooms have opened along with the wallflowers.

Meanwhile at Newstead Abbey the autumn-planted Narcissus 'Geranium' compliment the white peafowl beautifully in the cloister garden, and of course they resist any pecking as they taste nasty!

It was a whirlwind weekend of gardening for my grandparents – the vital staking of peonies and oriental poppies was a matter of urgency.

At home we have a pot of beautiful orange crown fritillaries. Their only draw back is their foxy smell so they have been moved away from our front door!

Happy gardening!