Spotlight on: Tulips ‘Spring Green’ & ‘Green Wave’

Watch to discover why Sarah loves this spectacular and striking combination of tulip varieties

There are certain combinations of tulips which have become for me real classics in the garden at Perch Hill and this is without doubt one of them.

So this is the viridiflora - really classic variety - that you know has been around for decades called 'Spring Green' and the reason I love it is it's rather elegant as it grows but also it's really elegant in a vase because you can almost think of it as foliage because there's so much green in it. Exceptionally perennial.

So these were planted in with the artichokes I think 15 or 20 years ago and they've just completely naturalized and established

themselves and then a few years later we added in the parrot tulip called 'Green Wave' which is also unbelievably perennial,

unbelievably reliable.

'Spring Green' comes first, normally by the middle of April. 'Green Wave' comes at the end of April, early May, so you get a really good succession between the pairing but also they coincide, as they are at the moment, for about three weeks with the combination of the silvery artichoke foliage and the two tulips and then followed with alliums. And actually we've done a film on this bed in allium season so you can have a look at that too.

This is just totally perennial, totally lovely, totally low maintenance. For me it's a real classic.

Here you can see them cut, so this again is the most beautiful 'Green Wave' and this is 'Spring Green' and I love them with the artichoke foliage just like we grow them. And then we've got bluebells where we've seared the stem ends. But these all have the most fantastic vase lives so they're beautiful in the garden and they're beautiful in the vase.

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