Spring Flowers in Sparrow’s Nest Gardens

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There can be no season more eagerly anticipated for the gardener than spring. After the cold, gloomy days of winter, the garden bursts back into life with fresh, verdant growth and colourful spring flowers, marking the beginning of a new gardening year. As well as tending to tasks in my own garden, I have enjoyed soaking up some spring sunshine in my local public gardens.

Sparrow’s Nest Gardens are a series of formally planted flower beds, flanked by a tranquil woodland area and running down towards the sea. It is the woodland area that is my favourite part of the garden for its clumps of bulbs spreading naturally in the light, dappled shade cast by deciduous trees and shrubs. The first flowers that I noticed about a month ago were delicate snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis).

Chionodoxa luciliae

This beautiful flower is Chionodoxa luciliae which I think is commonly known as Glory of the snowpresumably because it flowers in early-spring. It has these clear blue, star-shaped flowers with white eyes and is usually grown in a sunny rock garden.


Daffodils look best when planted with light-fingered abandon. There are about 50 different species of Narcissi and thousands of cultivars with the flowers ranging from pure whites to vibrant yellows.


Crocuses are known for their goblet-shaped flowers which emerge from swollen underground corms with narrow, upright foliage and bring a welcome splash of vivid colour. They are at their best when planted in drifts to give the illusion of a carpet of flowers.


Primroses (Primula) always evoke memories of spring with their flat-faced flowers and oval, veined leaves. There is a wide array of primary and pastel colours to choose from, but my favourite are these pale yellow ones.

What are your favourite spring flowers? Do share your favourites!

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