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I played around a bit this Christmas using some faux stems of honesty pods with some larch branches (in fact plastic, but with real mini pinecones attached) along with real silver birch. I then decorated the whole thing with mini baubles — which I loved.

 Now I’ve removed the decorations, and I still like the arrangement enough to leave it where it is as a table centre in the barn — at least until the spring. The good thing about it is that the whole thing looks quite natural and wintery, it doesn’t go over and needs no water or attention from me…... Yipee! As a massive devotee of cut flowers, I never thought I’d find my self saying it, but for the odd vase, good fake feels like a good thing when real pickings are lean.

Everlasting Arrangement 1

 The whole idea of mixing fake and real got me playing more over Christmas and I gave my two daughters bunches to cheer up their rooms at university. I used a cheap and simple X shaped classic hand-tied vase and slotted in a bunch of ranunculus as my base for both. For one daughter, I used the green, burgundy and white, for the other, the orange, pink and red faux hand-tied. Then I cut down some of the larch branches to individual stems about a foot long and threaded them through the pre-arranged silk flowers.

Everlasting Arrangement 2

Next – in the pale vase - went in some of the pink cow parsley and then in both, I used dried hydrangea. It took a few minutes for each, and will last them years!

This has spurred me on – so watch this space…

Thanks for reading!

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