Perhaps I'm too impatient

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When I first started writing for Sarah Raven I wanted to capture my experiences of growing wild flowers. So, last year, as I’ve written about already, I set about removing turf and sowing seeds. Whilst not a complete disaster, it didn’t go the way I wanted. Perhaps I’m too impatient, perhaps I had a bit of bad luck. Or perhaps my romantic ideals for sowing seed and seeing wonderful wild flower blooms swaying in the summer breeze, awash with insects, are set too high.

My drive to sow wild flower seed was partially to ease my conscience. I wanted to put right my perceived slight I’d made towards the insects. When we first moved here, almost three years ago, it was peak growing season and the nettles and thistles with their purple flowers were nearly as tall as me. But we hacked them down. We needed to regain control and see what we actually had. The insects had to go for their meals elsewhere.

We still keep this area fairly short and have planted trees, including Willow and Wild Cherry. This spring, however, there has been an abundance of small ground flowers. From the research I took (in Sarah Raven’s beautiful Wild Flowers book) I believe we have Ground Ivy, which is invaluable for bees and the Common Dog-violet – both white and purple, which Sarah says is also beloved by the bees as well as a crucial plant for a number of Britain’s most threatened butterflies. It appears that, by clearing the land of the dominant thistles and nettles, we have allowed the smaller wild flowers to come through. We even have cowslips for the first time since we’ve been here.

So, despite my own efforts with seed, nature is finding her own way. And, because of this I think I might steer clear of seed in the future and go for bulbs. They’re so much easier. I’m already picturing the daffodils and crocuses I’m going to plant in autumn for next spring. Last year I planted one hundred native bluebells in the green from Sarah Raven. Can you imagine my excitement when I saw, a few days ago, the very first one had come out?

Worth the wait? Absolutely.

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