Spotlight on: Lit Snowy Branches

Watch as Sarah demonstrates how she uses our Lit Snowy Branches to create a marvellous Christmas arrangement and why she loves them

This is a tiered wedding cake effect of paperwhite narcissus, and what I mean by that is I've got a big base pot with paperwhite bulbs planted in the base layer and then another pot plonked on top with more paperwhites in there. And I only planted these two days ago and they're just beginning to shoot. But once paperwhites really get going, they get quite floppy. And so what I've got is these fantastic bendy branch lights. And so these are like real branches. They look like these which are silver birch, but they're not. They've actually they've got lights integrated into them. I can use that as my support network, as my staking. And so as the leaves come up and then the flowers, I've got this nest, this lit nest through which they come. And of course, I can decorate the nest with birds and Christmas decs. So I love this because it means it's got presence from the word go without flowers that leaves. It still looks great