How to tie in your sweet peas


It's really important to tie in your sweet peas, otherwise they’ll grow wayward and willy-nilly, they’ll grow to the side and their tips will turn to the light.You’ll end up with stems that have knees in them which of course means it stunts their growth, meaning the stems aren’t as long and all the goodness i.e. water and photosynthesis, has to travel around the knee rather than straight up.  When they are tied in, it makes them much easier to use, especially for the vase.

In this example I’m using sweet pea ‘Lord Nelson’ and it is now coming to the end of July and it’s coming to the end of its productive season, but tying in carefully means we’re going to get a few more weeks of picking (perhaps another three to four weeks).   Here I’m using some twine to simply tie it in.  You can use those rather nifty wire twizzles if you’d prefer.  Do this as regularly as you can find the time for.  We generally do this every seven to ten days to ensure they’re growing vertically, and even more depending on the season.