How to take geranium cuttings

Let me show you how to take cuttings from geraniums. You can create not 10, but 20 new geranium plants from last year's geraniums. Cuttings are easy to do and will reward you with better plants.  Geraniums are one of the plants that actually have better growth and flower density from younger stock.

How to take geranium cuttings

Take lots of cuttings from your geraniums in April and they'll be ready to be replanted in a month and be in full flower in three. This is the moment to multiply your geraniums so you have marvellous pots and fragrant leaves and velvety flowers for picking all through summer, autumn and into next winter.

Step 1 Cut your geranium plant back by two-thirds, aiming to cut immediately above a lateral bud – or a node with a bud potential. These stem tips will form the basis of your cuttings.

Step 2 If you want to keep the mother plant – and with geraniums I tend to keep the grandmothers and great-grandmothers – thin out all the spindly wimpy stems, leaving maybe seven or eight good ones to grow on. Then pot them on with a good surrounding of new, nutrient-rich multi-purpose potting compost.

Step 3 Cut the best-looking geraniums cuttings into 4in sections, discarding any that don’t have plenty of shoots or nodes.

Step 4 With each section, strip almost all the leaves from the stem, leaving only the top pair. Also pinch out any tips that look like they might develop into flowering shoots.

Step 5 Insert the geraniums cuttings to about a quarter their depth into a gritty mix of compost. I love using these square bulb trays for cuttings. They look good in them – as they sit and root – and you can fit lots in, spaced well and evenly apart. Put them on a heated base if you have one, or store them somewhere bright, but cool and keep their compost moist at all times.

Step 6 Geranium cuttings should have rooted within a month and can then be potted on. If you want a great tumble of flowers and leaves, plant three to a large pot, they will quickly grow to appear as one bumper-sized plant, healthy, floriferous and handsome.