how to make the ultimate christmas vase

How to make the ultimate Christmas vaseOne brilliant look, to last until the New Year. Arrange glass bauble candle holders and silver baubles with scented lilies and everlasting branches, in our year-round staple – the Nero vase.

You will need:

  • Our Nero Vase
  • 6 or 7 branches (depending on how branched they are) of alder, hazel, silver birch or willow – as tall as you dare. You should be able to order these from your local florist if you don't have anything suitable in the garden, or use artificial branches (such as our Everlasting alder, pussy willow and red berry branches) and store them away from year to year.
  • Pin holder and florist's tac
  • 5 or 6 multi-headed lily stems
  • Waterproof light chain
  • A selection of small, silvery decorations, such as mini baubles, mini bells, and our etched glass birds
  • Glass bauble candle holders
  • Battery tealights

How to Get the Look

  1. Choose a place for your arrangement which is cool and not too sunny, to maximise the vase life of your flowers.
  2. Arrange the branches into your vase, using a pinholder secured with florist's tac to the bottom of the vase, to help you make your arrangement even but not perfectly neat.
  3. Slot in your lilies through the branches, allowing the woody stems to support the softer lily stems so they don't bend and break over the side of the vase. I used the highly scented 'Casablanca' lily here, but any white Oriental or Longiflorum lily type will do. Perfume at Christmas is key.
  4. Fill the vase with water. Push your waterproof light chain into the vase and spread the bulbs out as much as you can. I used my kitchen tongs.
  5. Decorate the whole arrangement with mini baubles and bells – as many as you can.
  6. Finally, attach some glass bauble candle holders and add your tealights – I use battery tealights so there's no worry about a naked flame – and you're away.


Put a drop of bleach, a Milton tablet or vinegar in the flower water to maximise vase life. Change the water and reapply bleach etc every 3-4 days.

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