how to grow wild flowers in container pots

Sarah walking in wild flower meadowThere are so many reasons you might choose to grow wild flowers in container pots – perhaps you’ve got limited outside space, like the freedom of moving your plants around to keep things visually interesting (or away from shade and frosts), or would like to bring them inside. With pots, you can also micro-manage the soil type and climate of your plants.

Wildflowers can look really stunning in window boxes or container pots, growing in their beautiful multicoloured manner, delivering colour and pollinating life to an otherwise dull and blank space.

Tips for growing wild flowers in a container pot

Choose a good pot with drainage holes in the base, or create some drainage holes yourself in an existing garden pot.

Mix a little compost with your standard garden soil – this will encourage good plant health – and you could also add a little gravel to help drainage. Keep in mind that wildflowers do not like too rich a compost – they prefer poor soil with few nutrients.

Read your seed pack to determine how much seed to grow in your size of pot. Mix your wildflower seed with some sand to help you distribute it evenly.

Scatter the mix over the area, and water gently.

Keep the soil damp whilst the seed germinates.

Place the pot in a sunny spot, and don’t overwater.

Grow until it goes to seed. Save the seed and then cut back severely to about an inch. Wait for the following year's flowers ...

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