Growing tips for gardening success

Read our guide and explore how to get started on container gardening


watering and feeding your plants

For the best results, water less regularly than you might think, but water more thoroughly. Focus on getting the water down right down into the roots – as if you give them a good amount of water, it will encourage the plant to put down strong roots. This is much better than little and often, and make sure you also provide the leaves with a gentle sprinkling of water. Too much however, will cause the leaves to scorch in the hot summer heat.


In a drought, watering priority should go to recently planted seedlings and very young plants.  And if the weather is hot and dry, it’s always best to water your plants in the evening.   


For summer containers, Josie, the head gardener at Perch Hill, has an easy to remember, and just as easy to implement, watering schedule. Aim to water Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and feed your pots every other Friday.  You might have to go up to daily watering in a heatwave.




staking and support

Some plants will require support, most likely if they are tall, and in an exposed position. Using willow stakes is a quick and easy solution for individual plants, simply tying the plants stem loosely to the stake using string.

if you want to grow something that climbs, for example, sweet peas, then you will need a climbing support to help the tendrils along. explore our plant support range to find the right one for you.


Harvesting and deadheading


It’s important to pick your flowers, as with many of our varieties, the more you pick, the more you get.  Deadheading is the process of removing spent flowers. Building this into your regular garden jobs will encourage more flowers, and also keep your plants looking nice and tidy.  

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