How to plant and grow alstroemeria

Growing Alstroemeria has sometimes been looked down upon in gardening circles, but I can't understand why. Alstroemeria look lovely, are good value, and keep going long after more conventionally proper things have run out of steam.


Soil and Site

Plant alstroemerias in a sheltered site, in part shade or full sun, any time between May and August in good soil. All alstroemerias like good living, so give them plenty of organic matter at their roots. 


Plant 60cm apart.

In the garden

Stake these plants so they don’t collapse in the wind or rain, and keep picking the flowers or deadheading. The best way is to pull them rather than cutting. This will leave plenty of room for the next generation and give you a more productive plant.

For containers

If you have a greenhouse, it is well worth growing alstroes inside too. Pot them up into generous 5 litre pots and keep them frost free. Once they start to shoot in spring, feed and water well and they’ll give you an almost continual flower harvest. Pull from the root and they will continue to flower for months


Mulch well over winter.  Divide every 2 years.

Cut Flowers

Arrange with a drop of bleach in their flower water, and with new water every 4-5 days, they’ll last 3 weeks in a vase.

Watch this video of Sarah in the garden at Perch Hill where she shows you how to pull and harvest alstroemeria.

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