how to decorate a christmas vase with the eucalyptus wreath

How to decorate a Christmas vase with the Eucalyptus WreathThis looks great in the middle of a table or on a windowsill for some classy Christmas style. Using faux flowers and foliage, you can use this display year after year.

You will need:

  • A set of battery powered Wreath Lights
  • A glass vase, such as our Glass Jar Vase
  • A plate slightly wider than the neck of the vase
  • Everlasting Eucalptus Wreath
  • Faux flowers such as our Hellebore Sprays
  • A large candle
  • Florist's Tac to secure the candle

How to get the look:

  1. Spread out a set of battery Wreath Lights in the body of the vase and turn it on. I like using our Glass Jar Vase, as the lights shine gently through the bronze-effect lustre.
  2. Find a plate to fit on top of the vase, a little wider than the vase's neck. This then gives you a ledge on which you can balance the wreath.
  3. Rest the Eucalptus Wreath on the plate and thread through faux flowers – like the Hellebore Sprays I've chosen here. You can also add long-lasting druit, nutes or pine cones, nestled in or wired on to the wreath.
  4. Finally, place a whopper candle in the centre of the wreath, sitting on the plate. If you're worried this might topple over, attach it with a couple of little nuggets of Florist's Tac.
  5. Once the evening is over, carefully lift off the plate from the top of the vase to turn off the wreath lights.

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