A spring project...

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As regular readers of my ‘Garlic and Sapphire’ posts and my own blog ‘Sophia Home’ may know, my husband and I do love a project. Having had to create our garden from scratch, (after building our home) from a former muddy field, car park and equestrian centre, it has been a useful as well as essential learning.

After years of backbreaking weekends of clearing, digging, planting etc. we had said to ourselves a while back that this really was it.  No more.  No more ‘creating’ new areas, no more big ideas on what to do next, as we really needed to take stock and maintain what we had done already.  We both have busy working weeks, and no help in the garden, so sense had to be considered!  But somehow these words of advice to ourselves never seem to last long, and another project springs to mind and we are off again! 

A highlight for us at this time of the year onwards until the Autumn, are the monthly ‘sell offs’ at a wholesale nursery close to us in Kent.  These sales have been invaluable to us in creating a large two acre site from scratch, especially with our love of beautiful, but expensive, topiary!

Last weekend marked the start of these monthly sales, and although we had decided that we probably didn’t need anything major for the garden, we would just pop along and have a look.  Bad idea!  As we arrived, there ahead I spied a mass of stunning four foot high box cones, perfectly shaped and healthy looking, and more importantly they were half price. Mmm.....well this was a weak moment.

Before we knew it, we had decided exactly where six of these beauties were going to go in the garden, they were paid for and delivery arranged.  It was only on the drive home, that we realised what the knock on effect of this purchase was going to have on the rest of the weekend!  Any other plans certainly had to go by the wayside, if we were going to get these fine specimens safely in the ground.

If any of you have ever attempted to plant something as cumbersome as these, you will know that it is not easy, and that is before one has dug a decent hole to take their considerable root balls, lugged manure and top soil from another area and finally watered! 

It took a while....quite a long while.....but on Sunday evening, with glass of wine in hand, it was a great feeling of satisfaction as we stood back and admired our work. 

Some girls love shoes (actually I love those too?) but for me, topiary does it for me every time.  I love my new ‘box cones’.....the problem is, I now want to plant them everywhere.

I think I may be feeling another ‘project’ coming on......!

Wishing you a lovely Spring,