Broad Bean 'Superaguadulce'

The hardiest broad bean there is, for sowing anytime from autumn until spring. It's highly prolific and easy to grow, and yet remains one of the most delicious in terms of flavour and texture. More
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The hardiest broad bean there is, for sowing any time from autumn until spring. It's highly prolific and easy to grow, and yet remains one of the most delicious in terms of flavour and texture.

In the spring, before the beans crop, inter-sow your lines of broad beans with summer savory – the delicious herb which tastes like thyme. This helps protect against black bean aphid and a sprig or two in their boiling water gives the beans delicious flavour.

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Genus Vicia
Group/Species Heritage
Variety Superaguadulce
Type Hardy Annual
Common Name Broad Bean, Fava Bean
Soil Type Fertile
Site Full Sun
Moisture Well-drained
Height 1.2m (4ft)
Spacing Plant seed 5cm (2in) deep, 20cm (8in) apart in double rows 20cm (8in) apart. Sow extra seeds at the end of the row for transplants.
Sowing, Seeds, Planting Sow beans in pots under cover in February for planting out in spring or direct into the ground in March, April and even early May, for harvests throughout the summer. Late autumn sowings can also be overwintered for earlier crops the following year. Choose a sunny, sheltered spot for your beans and sow into soil that is well-drained and fertile – forking in some well-rotted manure or compost before sowing will help to improve soil conditions. Sow 5cm (2in) deep and 20cm (8in) apart, ideally in double rows, spaced 20cm (8in) apart. If a second double row is needed this should be positioned 60cm (2ft) away from the first. Sow a few extra seeds at the end of the rows to fill in any gaps produced by seeds that don’t germinate.
Care Tips Taller varieties will need staking, use strings attached to sturdy stakes inserted at 1.2m (4ft) intervals. Smaller cultivars usually support each other, especially when they are planted in double rows. Unless rainfall has been high, soak plants well at the start of flowering and again two weeks later. Further watering may also be needed on light soils. When the lowest truss of blossom has formed small pods, pinch out the tips of the beans to promote fruit set and reduce problems with blackfly. These tips can be steamed or stir-fried and eaten
Storing These freeze well.
Harvesting May - July, 8-10 weeks from spring sowing. Harvest pods once beans have begun to visibly swell inside, regular picking (ideally 2 or 3 times a week) will keep production going for about 4-6 weeks. Small beans are sweeter and more tender that large ones. Pods can also be picked when they are immature to be cooked and eaten whole.
Cooking Notes Try a delicious Samphire with Fresh Peas and Young Broad Beans recipe for a starter at a dinner party…
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Seeds Delivery - Following the recent relocation of our warehouse, please allow up to 5 working days for despatch.

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Broad Bean 'Superaguadulce' reviews

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Reviewed 10th August 2019 by Phil

The beans are just coming into maturity and seem a good product.

* * * * *

Reviewed 2nd August 2019 by Annabel

* * * * *

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by William

So far, so good: a far better experience than I have received from two other suppliers.

* * - - -

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Joanna

I planted these in the autumn and they were killed by frost in the spring. A second sowing survived and has produced tasty beans..

Delicious early Broad Bean

* * * * *

Reviewed 15th December 2014 by ANDREW LEE

Unfortunately I didn't purchase my Broad Bean seed from Sarah Raven, but if your on her web page looking for a broad bean to sow go for the superaguadulce. It really is easy to grow and winters well, and gets a real spurt on as the weather warms in the spring. My current sowing are 4-6 inches tall and looking really healthy. Apart from some mice damage they germinate at a very high consistency. Looking back to last years sowing I remember opening the first pods on a warm sunny spring day and eating a handful of beans raw, delicious!!!!!