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Pots & Containers

Pretty and functional, we have a great range to show off your seedlings and plants.
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    Terracotta Classic Pots

    These traditional pots are hand-thrown in the West Country from frost-proof terracotta. They're good quality, handsome pots for your patio. As they're made by hand, dimensions may vary slightly from those given. Small Pot – H.20cm, Base Dia. 15cm,Top Dia. 24cm Long Tom – H.23cm, Base…

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    Tuscany Bowl and Saucer Set

    This is ideal for planting hyacinths or other bulbs for a colourful, scented display. Frost-proof pots are made from clay with silicone added, for extra strength. H.11cm, Dia. 21cm Suitable for approximately 5 paperwhite, 5 hyacinth bulbs or 1 amaryllis bulb.

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    Tuscany Pot and Saucer Set

    We love these clay pot sets. They're the perfect size for a plant theatre, outside table or indoors for houseplants. Small Pot and Saucer – H.13cm, Dia. 14cm Medium Pot and Saucer – H.15cm, Dia.16cm. The medium pot is the ideal size for 1 amaryllis bulb. Clay has excellent moisture…

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    Tuscany Rose Pot and Saucer Set

    A lovely long-tom style pot with saucer for use indoors or out. Silicone is added to the clay, before firing, for added durability and good frost resistance. H.19cm, Dia. 14cm

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    Willow Basket

    Our shallow, lined basket is the ideal size and shape for a show-stopping centrepiece, filled with hyacinths or paperwhites. The Medium Willow Basket is the ideal size for planting with approximately 10 paperwhite bulbs or 10 hyacinth bulbs and the Large is ideal for planting approximately 20…

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    Window Box

    Brilliant with trailing pelargoniums or verbenas, or tumbling tomatoes on a sunny windowbox. Made from zinc-plated steel. Line these with plastic to prevent excessive rusting. Our window boxes do not have drainage holes, so add plenty of grit to the bottom before planting up. Choose from Small or…

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    Zinc Troughs

    Perfect for growing container plants and bulbs throughout the year, these will look lovely in your garden. Set of 2 Large, L.59.5cm W.27cm H.19cm Small, L.49cm W.20cm H.14cm

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    Pots for Successional Planting

    Use these all year – in spring for dahlias and in autumn for tulips and narcissi. In autumn, use them to plant your spring flowering bulbs. You can then easily slot them into beds and containers when your winter bedding looks tired. Or in spring, use them for your dahlias then sink the whole…

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    Antiqued Whitestone Dish

    Lovely clay bowls with an already-aged appearance, and a good size for forcing hyacinths, narcissi or crocus inside, or for your garden table with nemesias or primroses. The bowls are porous and will change in appearance as they react to their environments, the weather and their contents. These…

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    Balcony Planter

    Hook this over a railing or fence with trailing verbenas or petunias. Made from zinc with copper-effect hanging hooks. H.17cm, Dia.13cm. Full depth (including hanging hooks) 17cm. We would recommend putting a layer of grit at the bottom of these pots when planting, as they do not have drainage…

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    Coir Pots

    Pot on your seedlings in these, then plant the whole thing out. The pots are biodegradable. Degradation speed will vary, depending on temperatures and moisture levels. H.9cm.

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    3L Plant-Fibre Pots

    The perfect size for potting on dahlias and more environmentally friendly than plastic. These pots are made from plant fibre, which is bound together using a special natural and synthetic compound, resulting in a solid, smooth finish that's practical, hardwearing and re-usable but which, once…

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    9cm Plant-Fibre Pots

    These make an excellent alternative to plastic pots. They're made from plant fibre, which is bound together using a special natural and synthetic compound, resulting in a solid, smooth finish that's practical, hardwearing and re-usable but which, once composted, will biodegrade after about 5 years.…

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    Bamboo Pots and Saucers

    An alternative to plastic pots and saucers, made from bamboo and rice husk. Designed to be reusable for up to 5 years but once composted the pots will break down within a 6-12 month period. Choose from Set of 5 Pots or Saucers. Each pot - H.1

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    Bark Planter

    This is ideal for a single amaryllis or for indoor herbs on the kitchen windowsill. H.13cm, Dia.13cm Indoor use only

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    Blue Copenhagen Pot and Saucer Set

    A beautifully made pot and saucer set with a rich blue glaze. Choose from Small, Medium and Large Each Set contains 1 pot and 1 saucer. Small – H.14cm, Dia.15cm Medium – H.16cm, Dia.17cm Large – H.18cm, Dia.20cm Glazed by hand with drainage hole The medium and large pots are ideal for 1…

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    Plant Theatre

    Most plant theatres I've come across have shelves which are too narrow for my collections of terracotta pots – but not this one. It has three iron graduating shelves for you to display pots in the conservatory or in a very sheltered spot on the patio. It has a rustic, aged appearance which…

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    Yellow Copenhagen Pot and Saucer Set

    A striking pot and saucer set with a rich and warm mustard yellow glaze - one or two of these mixed in a group of our other coloured pots looks fantastic. Set includes 1 pot and 1 saucer. H.16cm, Dia.17cm Glazed by hand with drainage hole

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    Zinc and Bark Bowl

    Pot up with your favourite bulbs to force indoors for winter colour and cheer. Add moss and some twigs or leave plain. Dia.14cm Indoor use only. Place on a protective mat to avoid any moisture damaging your furniture. These pots are the ideal size for planting bulbs, we recommend: Approximately 5…

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    Copenhagen Pot and Saucer Set

    A lovely looking pot and saucer set made from top quality clay, which has excellent moisture retention qualities, combined with good drainage, so your plants can breathe well. Fired at extremely high temperatures, this is frost resistant and very long lasting. H.21cm, Dia.18cm This pot is the ideal…

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    Terracotta Pots

    A set of 15 small terracotta pots which are perfect for small plants around the garden. If you want these pots instantly aged, coat them with yoghurt mixed with a little water and leave them outside for a couple of weeks. Set of 15 pots

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    Zinc Balcony Pots

    This is perfect to slot over the railing of a balcony or to jazz up a low fence. H.28cm, Dia.18cm Made from galvanised steel with a zinc coating Hook fits any railing up to 8cm wide These planter

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    Vigoroot Planters

    These planting bags are made from a special fabric which is able to 'air prune' the roots of plants, dramatically changing their formation and their ability to sustain the plant in a limited volume of compost. Vigoroot encourages more vigorous rooting, which enables the plants to absorb more…

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    Fluted Zinc Bowl

    Brilliantly useful bowls which are are perfect for planting paperwhites or hyacinths for forcing indoors. The Medium is the ideal size for planting with approximately 10 paperwhite bulbs, 10 hyacinth bulbs, or 3 amaryllis bulbs, and the Large is ideal for planting approximately 12 paperwhite bulbs,…