Anagallis monellii 'Sky Lover'

The best blue you'll find in any garden plant. Brilliant for pots and as a border edging. More
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When in stock, please allow up to 4-6 weeks for despatch. For fruit & veg bare roots/crowns or potatoes, please allow up to 2 weeks for despatch.

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Anagallis have the best blue you'll find in any garden plant. A very large and long-flowering form. Brilliant for pots and as a border edging.

Genus Anagallis
Group/Species monellii
Variety Sky Lover
Type Tender Perennial
Common Name Blue Pimpernel, Poor Man's Weather Glass
Border Position Container Garden
Soil Type Broad Tolerance
Scent Unscented
Site Full Sun
Moisture Well-drained
Height 15cm (6in)
Spacing 30cm (12in) - Trailing
Sowing, Seeds, Planting Grows well in containers or edging a border. Plant in groups of 3 either in a container or in the border with fresh compost, Plant close together for impact.
Care Tips Very easy to grow in virtually any location. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil. Water as needed to keep soil evenly moist, especially in hot weather.
Flowering June - October
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  • Sow Under Cover/Plant Indoors
  • Direct Sow/Plant Outdoors
  • Flowers/Harvest
Annual flowers for pots

If you want beautiful flowers for your pots this summer these are my top favourite annual flowers to grow.


Plant Delivery - When in stock, please allow up to 4-6 weeks for despatch. For fruit & veg bare roots/crowns or potatoes, please allow up to 2 weeks for despatch.

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Anagallis monellii 'Sky Lover' reviews

* * * * * Average based on 39 reviews

* * * * *

Reviewed 21st April 2020 by Susan

Good as always, both plants and service

* * * * *

Reviewed 20th April 2020 by Mrs Poynter

Excellent strong plugplants

* * * * *

Reviewed 3rd August 2019 by Julie

These were slow to start but have produced lovely strong plants with lots of flowers.

* * * * *

Reviewed 2nd August 2019 by Mrs Ffoulkes Roberts

Stunning plants Delighted

* * * * *

Reviewed 1st August 2019 by Jennifer

The plants arrived slower and were drier and less well packaged than other companies I have ordered from during the same period. The plants I ordered were in stock online when I ordered but there was no information about when they would deliver. I have so far only received half of my order.

UPDATE: The remaining plants arrived with thick greenfly all the way up the flowering stems. One plant was dry but the other two were watered this time. I will not order live plants from Sarah Raven again.

* * - - -

Reviewed 1st August 2019 by Susan

I think I bought these too late - they were rather leggy by the time I received them and haven't done as well as previous plants I have had of anagallis

* * * * *

Reviewed 1st August 2019 by Mrs Bryant

I have ordered this plant each year and it proved again to be an excellent choice
All plants flowering well

* * * * *

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Lesley

Helpful telephone service.
Sarah Raven Anagallis plants were sturdy and beautifully packed. Masses of vibrant, true blue flowers - can't believe S R is the only stockist - seeminglly. If I could choose one plant only to have in the garden it would be Anagallis. Superb!

* * * * *

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Julie

I have bought these for a few years now - my summer wouldn’t seem complete without them. They grow into strong plants with beautiful flowers in an unusual shade of blue. I always plant them in a pot as they have a habit of cascading down a bit before heading back up, a clue in the name perhaps ? They flower late into autumn and this year I noticed that a few seedlings came up in last year’s pot.

* * * * *

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Margaret

beautiful bright blue flowers, continuously in bloom

* * * * -

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Susan

Lovely blue flowers, trail very well

* * * * *

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Susan

Such a success last year I bought more. Stunning blue. I have had several people ask what they are and where they are from.

* * - - -

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Janetanne

These little plants are finally flowering from a March sowing. Pretty enough but I’m not sure they are worth the effort as I lost quite a few along the way and some of the ones I have left are very small and not really performing yet.

* * * * *

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Valerie

Lovely colour. Will buy again

* * - - -

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Monica

* * * * -

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Betty

These are difficult little,plants, beautiful stunning blue colour, but stems liable to snap .

* * * * -

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Jean

* * * * *

Reviewed 21st November 2018 by Jacqueline

Plants arrived in lovely condition and much bigger than I thought they would be. Flowered beautifully all through the summer and one plant is still in flower (November 2018). Will certainly buy more next year.

* * * * *

Reviewed 15th November 2018 by Christina

The first time I have tried these flowers, they are the most beautiful shade of blue, and are still flowering now mid November!

* * * * *

Reviewed 8th November 2018 by Janet

Such a beautiful blue in a mixed colour hanging basket. Flowered all summer.

* * * * *

Reviewed 7th November 2018 by Donna

Beautiful bright blue long-lasting flowers perfect for spilling out of summer pots.

* * * * *

Reviewed 11th October 2018 by Elizabeth

I have bought these two years running as I love the vivid blue flowers which come continuously for months. Still in flower now in October. I use them as a front of border filler weaving in amongst other low growers like alchemilla, verbena rigida and orange geums.

* * * * *

Reviewed 19th September 2018 by Hannah

Your plants are miles more likely to succeed than any others. They arrive perfectly packed and healthy, in good time. I can order lovely colours, single or mixed - not the garish mixed bags sold elsewhere on the internet. And I can try new things. As a lazy gardener who loves my mostly tree-shaded north-facing garden, and sun-drenched traffic-laden house front, I cheer the whole place up with pots and buckets of flowers.

* * * * *

Reviewed 19th September 2018 by Maureen

Arrived on time - strong healthy plants that have grown and looked fantastic all summer.

* * * * *

Reviewed 19th September 2018 by Paul

* * - - -

Reviewed 17th September 2018 by Gilly

Very leggy when they arrived - only actually received 9

Reply from the Sarah Raven Team:

"Thank you for leaving your review. We are very sorry to hear of your disappointment with your Anagallis and have refunded you for them."

Posted 7th November 2018

* * - - -

Reviewed 15th September 2018 by Linda

These arrived looking very weak.. More were sent free of charge. When planted in container they flowered well initially and for several weeks. However, when the other flowers in the container came into flower, these had stopped flowering.
maybe the heat had something to do with it but they were regularly watered.

* * * * -

Reviewed 12th September 2018 by Dorothy

Anagallis is an annual must and is much admired. However in this exceptionally hot summer and despite regular watering it was not so long lasting in the baskets

* * - - -

Reviewed 12th September 2018 by Nikki

They were sent to replace a packet of anagallis seeds that flowered red instead of blue so only 3 plants rather less than I’d hoped for originally. The plugs were small and didn’t look especially healthy. They are flowering now finally

* * * * *

Reviewed 5th September 2018 by Louise

Brilliant plant - this has flowered prolifically throughout the summer despite near drought conditions.

* * * * -

Reviewed 4th September 2018 by Segolene

* * * * -

Reviewed 3rd September 2018 by Sandy

Slow to get started but lovely once they did

* * * * *

Reviewed 2nd September 2018 by Anna

Always do well as plants where I plant them out and my client loves them.

* - - - -

Reviewed 29th August 2018 by Michael

Not your fault, It's the slugs


* * * * *

Reviewed 15th August 2017 by Mandy Ford

Bought this to go in my pots at the front of the house. Glorious blue flowers that are going on and on and on! Bought with Argyranthemum 'Cherry Red'. First prize in the tub competition at our Carnival for the second year. Everyone comments about them, what they are called and where can they buy them.


* * * * -

Reviewed 21st July 2017 by Kerry Holden

Flowering and growing really well in the garden, but those in pots seem to be shedding petals and making a bit of a mess, might try again in pots where they can cascade a little more than the low pots I used, my mistake, or perhaps just grow in the garden in future where they look fabulous

Heavenly blue

* * * * *

Reviewed 9th July 2017 by Liz Pritchard

Received really sturdy little plugs of the anagallis this May. Transplanted them into small pots to grow on for a few weeks and then transplanted some into border front positions in sunny spots and some into pots with cerinthe major. As I write they are still flowering fit to bust and looking fantastic mixed with alchemilla and nigella. Absolutely delighted with them and won't be without them in future.

sky is the limit

* * * * *

Reviewed 23rd June 2017 by Tracey

I was sceptical about this plant but am now in love with it. The photos do not do justice to the colour, the blue is staggeringly beautiful. Just buy this plant, anyone visiting your garden will comment on the colour. I will try to share a photo on the facebook page

The prettiest blue flower

* * * * *

Reviewed 2nd December 2015 by S Smedley

I had 6 anagallis monelli plugs planted in May together with Argyranthemum 'Cherry Red'. The anagallis have been the most amazing blue cascading flowers from the two haystack planters on our wall. They have flowered endlessly, are easy to look after and one plant is still flowering now as I write in December. I would definitely get this again.