Alstroemeria 'Peaches and Cream'

Soft apricot flowers with raspberry petal reverse, more like a tropical orchid than an alstroemeria More
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Soft apricot flowers with raspberry petal reverse, more like a tropical orchid than an alstroemeria.

Genus Alstroemeria
Group/Species x hybrida
Variety Peaches and Cream
Type Tender Perennial
Common Name Peruvian Lily
Border Position Cutting Garden
Soil Type Broad Tolerance
Scent Unscented
Site Full Sun
Moisture Well-drained
Height 60cm (24in)
Spacing 60cm (24in)
Sowing, Seeds, Planting Plant alstroemerias in a sheltered site, in part shade or full sun, any time between May and August (once the frosts are over). Add plenty of grit to the planting hole, plus plenty of organic matter and sprinkle mycorrhizal fungi (Rootgrow) into the base of the planting hole. Water well after planting. If you have a greenhouse it is well worth growing alstromeria inside too. Pot them up into 5L pots and keep frost free. Feed and water well once they start to shoot in spring and they should give you an almost continual flower harvest. Propagate by division in April. The roots are fragile and need to be lifted and divided with care and replanted immediately.
Care Tips Add a slow-release fertiliser in the spring and water regularly in dry weather. Stake plants so they don't collapse in the wind or rain, and keep picking the flowers - the best way is to pull them rather than cutting. Mulch deeply for the first couple of winters and if you live in a cooler part of the country. Hardy with a mulch once established. Handle with gloves, so that the sap does not cause irritation.
Flowering May - October
Vase Life Arrange with a drop of bleach in their flower water, and with new water every 4-5 days they should last 3 weeks in a vase.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  • Sow Under Cover/Plant Indoors
  • Direct Sow/Plant Outdoors
  • Flowers/Harvest
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Alstroemeria 'Peaches and Cream' reviews

* * * * * Average based on 9 reviews

* * * * -

Reviewed 1st August 2019 by Mr & Mrs Conie

Looking good so far, lovely flower on one plant

* * * * -

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Mark

Very good colours and although flowering well enough will doubtless be better next year

* * * * *

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Joan

I am so happy with this. Such a beautiful unusual colour and healthy

* * * * *

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Marianne

Not grown these before. Look fabulous.

* * * * *

Reviewed 22nd November 2018 by Sue

Service prompt, as usual. Plant lovely, even flowering again - November but have cut the stems to enjoy the new flowers. Am looking at them now, beautiful!

* * * * *

Reviewed 22nd November 2018 by Peter

Very good and consistent service.

* - - - -

Reviewed 21st November 2018 by Meredith

Plants are sub standard in my opinion- I have other alstroemerias and in comparison, these are weak unhealthy plants that have not grown well. Also very pricey. Won’t buy from SR again which is a shame.

* * * * *

Reviewed 27th September 2018 by Duncan

Lovely plant, vigorous with many flower spikes. Looked really beautiful until the recent storm flattened it. I am sure it will recover. Great colour.

* * * * *

Reviewed 19th September 2018 by Jane

Excellent plants when they arrived in great packaging. They have bloomed and bloomed! Very happy.