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Clouds of white, airy flowers of ammi, studded with denser cushions of white scabious.

The seedling collection contains 5 or 10 seedlings each of:

The Seed mix weighs 1g with a mixture of both varieties. Approx. 800 seeds.

Genus Ammi, Scabiosa
Type Hardy Annual
Border Position Middle
Soil Type Neutral
Scent Unscented
Site Full Sun, Part Shade
Moisture Well-drained
Height 1.2m (4ft)
Spacing 30-45cm (12-18in)
Sowing, Seeds, Planting Sow under cover March. Direct sow April-May or August-September. Pot seedlings on into 9cm pots before planting out in their final position. Prepare the planting spot well by adding plenty of organic matter and raking to create a fine tilth. Dig planting holes deep and wide enough so the roots are covered, firm soil around the plant and water in well.
Care Tips Keep picking both regularly, above a pair of leaves, and more flowers should grow.
Flowering June - September, 12 weeks from spring sowing.
Vase Life 7 days.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  • Sow Under Cover/Plant Indoors
  • Direct Sow/Plant Outdoors
  • Flowers/Harvest
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Learn how to get great results when direct sowing hardy annual seeds.


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White Scabious and Ammi majus Mix reviews

* * * * - Average based on 10 reviews

* * * * *

Reviewed 2nd August 2019 by Maria

* * * * *

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Patricia

Brilliant service from start to finish. And the seeds have preformed very well

* * - - -

Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Sheri-Leigh

Two batches of the seedlings in this collection were ok (a little smaller than I was expecting but potted on fine), the third were not anywhere near so far on (about the size of my smallest fingernail). One was too small even to pot on (and died).

Bit disappointing - I don't think I'll order seedlings from here again.

Communications about timings of delivery were good though and they did travel ok (although heavy on the plastic use which is an additional consideration).

* * * * *

Reviewed 21st November 2018 by Patricia

* * * * *

Reviewed 4th October 2018 by Linda

The seedlings I ordered arrived very promptly and beautifully packaged. I can also confirm that they were excellent quality and made a beautiful addition to my white garden.

* * - - -

Reviewed 4th October 2018 by Poppy

2 seedlings already dead.

Reply from the Sarah Raven Team:

"Thank you for leaving your review. We are very sorry to hear of your disappointment with your seedlings and have refunded you for them."

Posted 7th November 2018

* * - - -

Reviewed 19th September 2018 by Fiona

Struggled with the white scabious. Lost a couple of plants before planting out.

* * * * *

Reviewed 19th September 2018 by Sandra

still flowering profusely. do need staked and regularly deadheaded

* * * * -

Reviewed 2nd September 2018 by Margaret

They have done well, almost too well as they have proved too tall for where I put them and the scabious flower so well that it is proving impossible to deadhead them. For that reason I don't think I would get that variety of scabious again, but I would consider the Ammi, that is if they haven't self seeded.

Keep on flowering!

* * * * *

Reviewed 8th October 2016 by Caroline Simms

I sowed these seeds late but yet still they came up and flowered and flowered all season - I didn't even need to dead-head - they look so pretty at the end of my garden. Will be buying again!