Flower bulbs

We work hard to find the best,
top-size bulbs and tubers.
Sarah trials them all in her garden,
and we only include them if they are
easy to grow and look spectacular.

All our bulbs come with a free planting instructions booklet

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Flower Bulbs, Corms & Tubers at Sarah Raven

Spring this year was a struggle for anyone who gardened, the whole country so perpetually wet, but when spring finally came, the bulbs were better than ever, there to force us out of hibernation and any post-winter gloom. That’s what spring bulbs do – from snowdrops, miniature iris and aconites in January and February to tulips and alliums in May and June, they give you the best ever flowers, with marvellous drifts of colour so easy to achieve.

After several bulb-finding trips to Holland and thanks also to Carien van Boxtel and Dicky Schipper, our two bulb detectives there, we’ve got more new and unusual varieties than ever. I don’t think anywhere could equal this list.

All our bulbs are top size and we only sell varieties which we have tried and tested at Perch Hill.