The Perch Hill tulip mix | why Sarah loves this

In this video, Sarah shares why she loves this very perennial tulip mix

It’s a beautiful morning this morning, I’ve just heard a cuckoo which always such an exciting moment and I thought I’d talk you through our Perch Hill Tulip Mix because it’s one of my absolute favourites. It’s got three tulips in it and honestly, we first put it down this main alleyway, our sort of aisle, in the Annual Cutting Garden ten years ago, and you can still see that some of them are still coming up. So there’s ‘Ballerina’, which you’ll see all the way through in front of me and that’s one of my tip-top favourite tulips. It’s scented of freesias and it’s really tall and elegant, and a beautiful colour. It’s in the lily-flowered group and it’s very perennial, as you can see because, I don’t know how many bulbs we put in but a lot of them are still here. The next one is this one called ‘Doll’s Minuet’, and you can see it’s the same sort of shape so it’s also in the lily-flowered group but what I notice about it is that it’s got a green flash in the outer petal. I think that must mean it’s got a little bit of the viridiflora group bred into it, which is what makes it triply perennial, so that’s been coming up for years. Then a really lovely double, so-called peony-flowered and it’s glossy like a sort of luscious black racehorse, that’s what it always reminds me of. I just completely adore it. It’s slightly later than the other two, so it’s just coming now but they’re totally and utterly beautiful. Beautiful in the vase, beautiful in the garden and really perennial.

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