How to make a hanging flower globe

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A hanging globe is the best sort of party flower arrangement with flowers coming at you from every direction, hovering above your head like a firework display. They always create quite a stir and are much easier than they look.

  • Oasis globe, 20cm in diameter
  • Chicken wire about 75cm long and wide, to wrap around the Oasis globe
  • Florists' wire
  • Stronger wire (or rope), to hang the globe
  • Flowers and foliage
  • Hellebore leaves, 20 stems
  • Euphorbia oblongata, 30 stems
  • Alchemilla mollis, 30 stems
  • Moluccella laevis, 15 stems
  • Peony 'Sarah Bernhardt' 20 stems
  • Larkspur pink, 30 stems
  • Foxgloves white, 20 stems
  • Ammi majus, 15 stems

Step 1

Soak the oasis globe for a few minutes in the bath. It will end up weighing about 4kg. Bear that in mind when you are hanging it - you'll need a ladder. Wrap the chicken wire around the globe as if you are wrapping a present. At each end, fold in the flaps of wire neatly. Don't use too much chicken wire, as when it is doubled over it is difficult to insert the stems. Then sew the whole thing together, using florists' wire, making sure it's secure. At the top attach a loop of strong wire. You'll use this to hang the globe. Attach a good length of rope or strong wire to the loop and hoist the globe up. Attach the end of the wire to something out of the way, but again make sure the knot is secure.

Step 2

Hang your globe at a comfortable working height, in situ, and start adding your foliage. Cut it all to about the same length - about 30cm long - or else your globe won't be round. When poking stems into the globe, always aim for the centre of the sphere.

Step 3

Then add the flowers. Cut the stems to 30-35cm, with a few shorter stems, so that some hide in the foliage and some stand out a bit. Scatter them in a balanced but not totally symmetrical way. Pick the biggest and most beautiful for the middle zone. Few people will stand under the globe and look straight up at the flowers and you'll hardly see those at the top.

Step 4

Then lift the globe to its final position. Hoist it above people's heads, but not so high that people won't notice it.

Step 5

If you want this to last several days, water the oasis globe twice a day with a watering can with a wheel barrow below to catch the water.