How to grow crocosmias

A lovely group of bulbous perennials originally from South Africa which flower through much of summer. The old cottage garden favourite, Montbretia is hardy, but some of the hybrids are less so, requiring light sandy soils and a well-drained, sunny position and deep mulching for winter.

Planting in the garden

Plant the corms 10-15cm apart and 10cm deep in early spring. They are safest in light, well-drained soil. On heavy soil, you’ll need to add plenty of grit to the planting position. 

Planting in pots and containers

Crocosmias will grow well in pots. However, be careful with some varieties when planting with other species, as they make take over, so plant them in pots by themselves to control their vigour, and avoid competition. Add broken pots at the base of the container to aid drainage, and add fertiliser regularly to keep the display looking good.

Care and Maintenance 

Give them lots of water in the summer. Hardiness varies according to species but I leave all of mine in the ground in winter, giving them a good, deep mulch before the autumn frosts. In frost pockets, lift the corms in autumn and store them over winter in a frost-free place to plant again in mid-spring. With those left in the garden, dead leaves should be cut to ground level in early spring before the new foliage emerges.