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Something to look forward to

‘Something To Look Forward To’ is a multi-award winning charity founded by the late Fiona Coldron who learnt first-hand the impact a cancer diagnosis has on the self, family and finances.

Our service improves quality of life for cancer patients and their families by providing donated gifts, experiences, and essentials, helping to relieve the financial burden associated with cancer treatment and allowing those affected to focus on rest, recuperation, wellbeing, and positive memory building. We focus on researching, identifying, and building long lasting relationships with individuals, and companies who donate gifts and experiences which we then match to those in need.

We work in partnership with the NHS, charities and support groups to ensure that we reach those who need our support most, including those experiencing cancer poverty and those living with incurable diagnoses.


We support people of any age, with any cancer diagnosis across the UK from point of diagnosis up to one year after their last major surgery or active treatment. Our provision is wide ranging including cottage holidays, restaurant meals, spa breaks, special family days and so much more. 


Maggie’s offers the best possible support free to anyone with cancer and their families who walk through our doors. You'll find their centres alongside NHS hospitals and they can also support you online.

Professional support

Maggie’s isn’t part of the NHS – we’re an independent charity – but our centres are beside major cancer hospitals across the UK and we have excellent relationships with our partner hospitals. 

Many of our staff are NHS-trained and all our Cancer Support Specialists have expert knowledge about cancer and treatment.

Our centres also have psychologists and benefits advisors who are available for anyone with cancer and those close to them. We also work with experts who provide exercise groups, yoga, nutrition advice and much more.

How does Maggie’s help?

Our workshops, courses, one-to-one and group support help people to change the way they live with cancer. 

We focus on the things that really make a difference, like money worries, help with stress and depression, managing side-effects and relationship and family support. Our support has been shown to improve physical and emotional wellbeing and to help people take control when cancer turns life upside down.

Understanding every person’s individual circumstances is central to what we do and means we can guide them to the support that will help them the most. 

Our cancer support is evaluated regularly, and is informed by external research findings, our own research and advice from our external reviews.

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At TWIGS (Therapeutic Work In Gardening in Swindon) we aim to give people who experience mental health problems the chance to regain confidence and self-esteem and to learn new skills. We’re a stepping stone to recovery, further education or work.

When you visit TWIGS community gardens you’ll find inspiration, peace and tranquillity. We’re open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so please come along and enjoy this oasis of calm away from the stresses of everyday life.

we have

• A thriving plant nursery

• Eleven themed gardens

• The wildflower haven

• Organic allotment site

• Contemporary crafts

• Roundhouse & free parking