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Mustard 'Red Frills'

This red mustard looks good and tastes distinctly of freshly cooked new potatoes and it's red serrated leaves look wonderful in a salad bowl.

250 seeds

5 seedlings (510465-5)

5 seedlings (200884-5)

10 seedlings

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Sow Under Cover
Direct Sow/ Plant Out
Flowers/ Harvest


Edible Crop
Kitchen Garden
Broad Tolerance
15cm (6in)
Common name
Japanese Red Mustard
Moist but Well-drained
Part Shade
15cm (6in)
Direct sow every 6-8 weeks March-early September, avoiding the warmest months (when flea beetle is prevalent) or direct sow in modules or gutters under cover from February. Thin to 10-15cm for cut-and-come-again, 30cm for larger leaves.


A red mustard variety which looks good with it's serrated red leaves and tastes distinctly of freshly cooked new potatoes. Fantastic.

You can sow these oriental red mustards little and often and eat them as mini micro greens, or let them grow on a few centimetres in leaf size and use them in a baby leaf salad. Or use them full size in stir fries.

Please note, illustrated packets are being introduced gradually over the coming months, availability may vary.

Care Tips

Keep moist. Protect from flea beetle with a physical barrier of fleece.